TSG Kraken

When we introduced our Kraken helmet line with FlexTech in 2010, it was the first of its kind. The Kraken utilises a series of interior EPS foam segments, connected via a reinforcing framework. The advantage of such design is that it moulds precisely to the dimensions of your cranium, providing superior comfort whilst still exceeding safety standards.



·         Hardshell construction

·         ABS outer shell

·         Flex EPS in-shell

·         EPS Impact Foam

·         Low Fit for increased protection

·         Snug Fit (anatomical shaped mold)

·         Aerodynamic Vents

SIZES: S/M- 54-56cm, L/XL 57-59cm

WEIGHT: 450g


CERTIFIED CPSC 12.03, AS/NZS2063-2008