S&M SpeedBall Tyre

The Speedball is S&M's street influenced tire, made smooth in the center for less rolling resistance, perfect for manual/nose manual tricks, with a S/M should tread that holds you from slipping out when you're carving. Available in a wire bead only in a high pressure casing with extra pinch flat protection for street riders that run lower pressure. 

- Available in 2.4" & 2.1" sizes 
- Price is for one tire 
- Wire bead, high pressure casing 
- black only 
- V-notched edge for accelerating 
- Flat edge for braking 
- 2.4" Inflated Width: 2.5″ (63.6mm) 
- 2.1" Inflated Width: 2.24″ (57mm) 
- 110 psi Max pressure 
- Weight (2.4/2.1) : 765 / 623 grams