Fly Bikes Fuego Tyre

Flybikes Fuego BMX Tyre 20 x 2.3" Black Bike Tire 120PSI

The Fuego BMX Tyre from Fly is the realisation of one of their wonderful riders, Devon Smilie, and a good amount of technology has been pumped into the design. The BMX Tyre features a similar tread as the old Ruben BMX Tyre, but it has clearly been aimed more towards street riding due to the smoother centre tread. Inside, it has a high pressure and puncture resistant layer, and then another high pressure casing, and, after this, a pinch resistant layer at the bottom. The BMX Tyre obviously then has strong rubber on the sidewalls to resist grabbing when your grinding. 

“I’m really hyped with how the “Fuego” BMX Tyre came out, it’s exactly what I want in a BMX Tyre. I love how we took the O.G. Ruben BMX Tyre and transformed it into a street version. The smooth compact tread gives it a buttery feel when cruising and is super grippy in the streets. We also added the “protection line” that was on the original Ruben BMX Tyre to help keep a distance off the BMX Tyres sidewall while grinding, giving the BMX Tyre a better chance of lasting longer.” – Devon Smillie 


  • Sidewall "Protection line"
  • Harder sidewall compound
  • Tear resistant extra layer
  • ISO Diameter: 406 / 20" BMX
  • Intended Use: BMX
  • BMX Tyre Diameter: 20"
  • BMX Tyre Type: Clincher
  • Fuego Logo on Sidewall