Ride On BMX Store has come a long way since it was founded in Brisbane, back in 2007, with a passion for helping riders of all ages and abilities get the best gear & advice.

A few years ago, Ride On merged with Rampfest Indoor Skate Park.  While our physical store has been based out of Rampfest for a few years now, we still had a seperate online store.  Now, we've merged our online stores in together too.  As anyone can imagine, running a business is hard work - it takes time and energy.  And having a seperate website was just making life harder for ourselves.

By bringing the sites all together, we're able to save some time, so we can actually keep improving the service we offer - plus we can ride our bikes more too (which is kinda why we started a BMX Shop in the first place - we love riding bikes).

So, now you can buy all the latest and greatest BMX gear from the our Rampfest WebStore, and rest assured, nothing has changed except the web address.  We stock the same products, you'll speak to the same people, you'll get the same advice - and most of all, the same service that we've been proud of since day one.


So remember, Ride On!

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Ride On BMX & Rampfest Indoor Skate Park

Ph:  (03) 93113998 

Em: Info@rideonbmx.com.au

Ad: 47-85 Hillary St, Braybrook, VIC 3019