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The Story:

At Ride On, we’re passionate about riding BMX – whether is park, street or trails, we still haven’t found anything thats as much fun as riding little kids bikes! We want to make sure every single one of our customers gets the best service and gear to suit their needs, so they can get out and keep riding.

Ride On BMX was founded in 2007 with a small hole-in-the-wall shop in Brisbane’s West End. From here, its grown into one of Australia’s largest specialist BMX retailers – with having had shop locations in Brisbane and Melbourne, plus two Indoor Skate Parks and an online store.

Our first big move was in 2012, when we left behind our tiny West End store to open our first Indoor Skate Park in Coopers Plains, Brisbane. The park has been designed and built from the ground up by riders – so its super fun and rock solid! The shop also got a bit of a growth-spurt, with more space for an even larger range of bikes, frames, clothes and shoes.

The next big addition was in Jan 2014 – when we took over RampFest Indoor Park in Melbourne. RampFest is an iconic park in Australian BMX – it was the first rider-run and designed park, and opened back in 2008. We were stoked to keep the park rider-run and we’ve been working hard to get make it a fully fledged BMX shop too!

In Oct 2015, we made a tough choice - we sold the Brisbane Store to concentrate on Melbourne.  We love Brissy, but honestly, we wanted to make our lives simpler again - and two shops was just burning the candle at both ends. Using what we learned from having two sites, we have focused on streamlining our operation a bit more so we can offer a more efficient service.   In the end, the winner here is the customer.  And of course we still ship to Brisbane, and hopefully you'll still see us shredding up there regularly with the crew!


RideOn Rampfest

Over the years we’ve also been adding plenty of other services to support BMX.  We offer specialist BMX Coaching, we support and host jams & comps in both RampFest and in local public parks. We're always working on our online store to make it even better - so you can get rad gear anywhere in the world!  Plus, we support a team of local riders – some of whom have gone on to become serious players on the international circuit!

Overall, we’re pretty stoked on what we get to do, and we’d love to help you out – whether you just need a place to ride, or are chasing a whole new bike setup. You can drop us a line anytime on the details below, or swing into either park and have a roll.

Ride On!