Dayvis Heyne - Welcome to the team

January 14, 2017

We are beyond stoked to make the announcement that Dayvis Heyne will be involved in Ride On BMX moving into 2017! 

For most, no introduction needs to be made for Dayvis. We know he is not only a staple in the new-street style, but one of the best guys to boot. To us here at Ride On, its not just about killing it on a bike, but being a better dude off the bike.

Ride On's philosophy is simply summed up with our motto: Never Too Cool To Have Fun. Every member of the team embraces this and Dayvis is no exception. With a bright future and being that dude that will ride all day, party all night and be the first up to clean the cabin in the morning, we introduce the fresh blood of Dayvis to the Ride On BMX Team!